1. Seven days no reason to return
All products will be returned to the customer within 7 days without affecting the secondary sales (subject to the receipt of the express order)

2.Return rules
  1).The outer packaging, accessories and tags of returned goods must be intact;

  2). There must be no used or washed traces, no damage to the surface / inside, etc., which will not affect the secondary sales;

  3). The return and exchange must be reflected within the 7-day rule, and our website has the right not to deal with it.

  4). Wenet does not assume the obligation of returning or exchanging goods whose appearance, outer packaging, accessories, and performance are damaged due to customer responsibility

  5), we do not contact our customer service, the product returned directly without taking photo vouchers, we have the right to not accept.

  6), please arrive at the express delivery sign, if the goods are damaged, please directly refuse to sign and contact online customer service instructions. For the goods that have been signed, we will report the damage after the event.